Nixie Tubes Clock

Material > Wood

  • Nixie Clock Tube In4 Decatron Og-4 Assembled Adapter By Retroclock
  • Retro Nixie Tube Inspired Gixie Clock Electronic 6-digit 5v Usb Pre-assembled
  • Nixie Tube Clock Kit 2.3 With In-14 Tubes In Wood Box With Diy Alder Wood Case
  • Nixie Tube Clock Vintage Pulsar In-14 + In-16 Rgb 6-tubes
  • Bohemia Wood Retro Nixie Tube Clock In-14 Oak (cabernet) Orange Led
  • Vintage 6in-14 Nixie Digital Wooden Tube Clock Gps Desk Alarm Clock Assembled
  • 16x Vfd Ivlm1-1/7 Dot Tubes Matrix Desk Clock Scrolling Text Nixie Era
  • Wi-fi Anuta Vfd Ivlm-117 Tube Matrix Dot Desk Clock + Case + Remote Nixie Era
  • Vintage / Iv-18 Vfd Nixie Tube Clock Alarm Tomato Timing Wifi Remote Control
  • In-12 Nixie Tube Clock Walnut Wood Enclosure Handmade Retro 4-tubes By Millclock