Nixie Tubes Clock

IN-8 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets Musical, USB WITH TUBES by GRA & AFCH

IN-8 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets Musical, USB WITH TUBES by GRA & AFCH

IN-8 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets Musical, USB WITH TUBES by GRA & AFCH   IN-8 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets Musical, USB WITH TUBES by GRA & AFCH

DIY Assembled boards for Nixie Clock on IN-8 Nixie tubes and IN-3 as dots. Tubes are inserted into sockets, so they are easy to replace.

Project "Divergence Meter" has modular system, so you can build clock with 6 [hours : minutes : seconds] tubes. For clock 6 tubes you need one MCU boards NCM107 and one Tubes board NCT408. PCB design, schematic, housing and software made by GRA & AFCH.

Kit includes fully assembled board(s), MCU (microcontroller unit) ATmega328P flashed with Arduino Uno Bootloader and sketch (Firmware). Kit compatible with Arduino Uno, so it allows you to write your own unique programs on the Arduino platform, the latest sources are always available on.

Github at the "NixeClock" repository. This lot contains assembled boards, flashed microcontroller (ATmega328P), Nixie tubes and power supply. 1 pc - assembled MCU board NCM109. 1 pc - assembled Tubes boards NCT408 with Socket for IN-8.

Flashed MCU with Arduino bootloader and NixieClock sketch firmware. 6 pcs - IN-8 Nixie tubes. 2 pcs - IN-3 dots neon lamps. Power supplay 12V, 1A for any country - (see selector on top of screen).

User manual on vintage-style paper. The MCU board support a variety of tubes, such: ZM1042, Z522M, Z566M, Z5220M, ZM1040, Z5660M, B566M, LC-631, IN-14, IN-18, IN-12, IN-8, IN-7, IN-1, IN-2, IN-4, IN-8, IN-15, IN-16, IN-17 to use this tubes You need appropriate tubes PCB(s). If you have ANY questions.

Clock support many kinds of Nixie tubes (6 tubes [hh:mm:ss] format and 4 tubes [hh:mm]). Date format: DD:MM:YY.

Unique RGB LEDs backlight with 16,7 million colors. Very easy to switch LEDS off/on. As alarm sound clock uses standard RTTTL (Nokia format) melodies, so You can easy change it. (included songs: mission impossible, we wish you).

Easy updating firmware via USB using Arduino IDE. Software based on Arduino sketch, so MCU has Arduino bootloader within. Power On Self-Test (POST): LEDs test, tubes test, input voltage test, sound test. Integrated High Voltage Power supply 150 - 220V.

Tubes installed in sockets, and can therefore be easily replaced. ICSP connector for flashing Arduino Bootloader to blank MCU. 3 PWM channels for RGB LEDs 8 bit per channel = 24bit = 16,7 million colors. It can be disabled in the menu (see manual).

Test points for testing, adjust and control low and high voltage circuits. Pads for internal buttons and terminals for external buttons. Pads for internal USB connector and terminals for external USB. Terminals for internal and external power connector. Terminals for external and internal buzzer.

2 dots column with separate controls upper and lower dots. Power consumption: 11-14V, 360mA (Recommended power source: voltage 12V, current 1-2A). MCU board NCM107 has world smallest size: 100mmx50mm. Tubes board NCT408 size: 200mmx50mm.

Actual photos of Tubes PCBs. Tubes board NCT408 assembled PCB Top view. Tubes board NCT408 assembled PCB Bottom view.

Boards Dimensions in 2D and 3D. Tubes board NCT408 in 3D. Dimensions of NCM107 in 2D. If you have ANY questions, (PLEASE ASK us).

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  1. Power supply: US
  2. Shape: Rectangular
  3. Model: IN-8 Nixie Clock
  4. Character: IN-8 Nixie Clock
  5. Country/Region of Manufacture: Ukraine
  6. Department: no
  7. Style: Art Deco
  8. Custom Bundle: No
  9. Item Height: 70
  10. Item Width: 50
  11. Product Line: Nixie Clock
  12. Material: Bamboo, Ceramic, Fiberglass, Glass, Marble, Metal, Pewter, Plastic, Polyurethane, Rattan
  13. Original/Reproduction: Original
  14. Power Source: Electrical
  15. Type: Nixie Clock
  16. Features: 12 Hour Display, Battery Backup, Date/Calendar, Silent/No Ticking
  17. Smart Home Protocol: no
  18. Color: White
  19. Year Manufactured: 2019
  20. Finish: White
  21. Item Length: 200
  22. Frame Material: Brass
  23. Room: Laundry/Utility Room, Playroom, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Garage, Hallway, Home Office/Study, Kitchen, Living Room, Porch, Sunroom
  24. Character Family: IN-8 Nixie Clock
  25. Engraved: No
  26. Brand: GRA & AFCH
  27. Number Type: Arabic Numerals
  28. Era: 21st Century (2000-now)
  29. Display Type: Nixie Tube
  30. Modified Item: No
  31. Personalized: No

IN-8 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets Musical, USB WITH TUBES by GRA & AFCH   IN-8 Nixie Tubes Clock with Sockets Musical, USB WITH TUBES by GRA & AFCH