Nixie Tubes Clock

Type > Nixie Tube (1/28)

  • Nixie Era Its-1a Tube Clock
  • In-12b Nixie Tubes For Nixie Clock Tested Excellent Condition 100 Pcs
  • 6pcs. In-14 In14 Nixie Tubes For Clock Glow Indicator Same Date Nos Tested 100%
  • Nixie Clock In-14 Retro Steampunk. Jan-cep-872a+ Eimac 15 Rgb + Vintage Meter
  • 6 X Z573m=z5730m /z570m Z574m/ Nixie Tubes For Clock Rft Used Tested Germany
  • Nixie Clock In-14 Tubes. Retro Steampunk Vintage Brass Weston264
  • Nine (9) Nos Nib 7977 National Nixie Tubes Made In The Usa Match Set Of Nine 0-9
  • Nixie Clock With 4 Z560m Tubes Blue Led & Green Metallic Case & Alarm & Remote
  • Nixie Clock With 4 Z560m Tubes Blue Led & Golden Red Case & Alarm & Remote Ctrl
  • Nixie Clock Made From Retro Tubes From Ussr In-14 Handmade Wooden Case
  • Lot Of 6 In8-2 Nixie Tubes. Nos. For Nixie Clock. In Original Box
  • Firefly Nixie Clock In14 Tubes Blue Led Lighting Refurbished With New Tubes
  • In-18 1 Pcs New Nixie Tubes For Clock Ussr In18 Tested Working Nos
  • Five (5) National Electronics Usa Model Nl-848 Nixie Clock Vacuum Tubes Exc
  • Iv-19 Nixie Tubes Set For Clock Ultra Raretested Lot 6 Pcs
  • New Ussr Nixie Tubes 6 Pcs In-14, In14 For Clock